Blockchain for Business

OneLedger is a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) Solutions company, that uses its own Blockchain technology to support its customer’s blockchain needs.

We pride ourselves on being first to market with a truly interoperable blockchain solution. We build, manage, and provide blockchain support for all our customers and also have a Blockchain EDI offering for Supply Chain EDI.



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Our Solution

Our Solution

The OneLedger protocol and ecosystem products are optimized for business needs allowing for communication and integration


Off-loading Transaction processing to side-chains ensures scalability

Enterprise Connectivity

Bridging centralized and decentralized networks together, to bring businesses to Web 3.0


Cross-chain mechanics built into the protocol architecture with Lynx Engine

Kratos Mainnet on Google Cloud Marketplace

Kratos Mainnet on Google Cloud Marketplace

Did we mention we also have a Public Network? Our Mainnet, Kratos, is accessible through Google Cloud Marketplace.

For all you tech savvy people that want to join the OneLedger Network, feel free to launch a Full Node and connect with us.


OneLedger International Health Passport

How to use a Ledger wallet for OLT

OneWallet Demo - Interoperabiility


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“Gem Hunt” Mining and Validator Competition

The leading blockchain technology service provider, OneLedger, is launching its first incentivized Gem Hunt mining competition for token holders, blockchain developers, and validators...
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Kratos Mainnet is now live

In 2018, a small group of visionaries aspired to create a truly interoperable decentralized protocol. The team has grown considerably...
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OneLedger partners with IBLS

The two organizations will collaborate to launch the International Health Passport to help re-open the Canada-US border...

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