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OneLedger Protocol, Blockchain as a Service

What is OneLedger

OneLedger (OLT) is a new type of blockchain designed for transnational compliant business operation in a secure, scalable and high-speed infrastructure, using all the advantages of blockchain technology.

OneLedger’s mission is to simplify businesses’ adoption of blockchain technology and its integration into their specific business applications and products. The company focuses on blockchain technology in the Healthcare, Asset Management, and Supply Chain sectors and is partnered with Google Cloud and IBM. Team members have worked at several Fortune 500 enterprises including PWC, IBM and Forbes.


OneLedger was created to solve the nagging problem of blockchain interoperability. As global adoption of blockchain technology was beginning to gather pace, some glaring critical technological challenges were already limiting the scale of enterprise-level blockchain adoption.

One such challenge was that blockchain interoperability was practically non-existent. Most blockchains exist as isolated networks introducing two significant restrictions, among others: No practical way to transfer value directly between different blockchains and the Inability of businesses and individuals to quickly deploy distributed applications (Dapps) across multiple blockchain platforms.

Over the past three years, much of our focus has been on perfecting our technology, we have built our Mainnet – Kratos and our Testnet – Frankenstein. Unlike other blockchain projects, we have built it from the ground up.

Our mainnet blockchain uses an enhanced consensus DPoS on Tendermint, which consistently replicates an application on many machines so OneLedger can combine different consensus in the same chain.

It delivers robust interoperability characteristics that are unique in the market. This makes it an ideal foundation for developing enterprise-grade applications and industry solutions across a broad array of use cases. It acts as a gateway between enterprise systems and all of the other public/private or on/off chains.

The primary purpose of creating a protective blockchain like OneLedger is to provide the world community with a fast and easily scalable infrastructure and solutions for business. This will protect its users from potential technical and legal problems of the real world and provide a developed ecosystem of valuable services.

OneLedger leverages blockchain adoption

The truly interoperable blockchain solution 


OneLedger is a unique engine, not an adjunct of an existing platform.  Unlike other blockchain projects, we built it from the ground up. Our platform uses enhanced consensus DPoS on Tendermint which consistently replicates an application on many machines so OneLedger can combine different consensus in the same chain.

  • Deploy customizable private/public sidechains that will communicate with each other interoperable with the main chain.
  • Ultrafast deployment with low transaction costs.
  • Interoperability protocol for Ethereum and BTC and soon any chain (BSC, POLKA, MATIC, ETH etc.)
  • Can build public or private chain, side chain or off-chain and on-chain on either centralized or decentralized platform.

Thus we can provide customized blockchain solutions for business needs by building applications on top of their proprietary blockchain software with integrations into third-party chains, software systems and tools.


Compatible with Ethereum


OneLedger provides scalable solutions for the Ethereum ecosystem. The protocol is more stable, faster and cheaper than Ethereum but still compatible with Ethererum.

  • Higher Efficiency: OneLedger is a DPoS (4,000 transactions per second) vs Ethereum’s PoW (4 transactions per second) This is a huge factor when it comes to energy impact as well. 
  • Lower Gas Fee: OLVM allows for easy interpretation of smart contracts running with low data across our network. E.g. OneLedger $0.00000043  VS ETH $4.0
  • More Secure: With OneLedger’s smart contract operation chain, Complicated interactions and different permissions are solved.
  • More scalable: Various multi-chains can interact on oneledger’s protocol.

Built by developers, for developers


Oneledger believes the best way to increase blockchain adoption is by reducing the learning curve developers go through when working with a chain for the first time. Therefore, all our solutions and dev tools are scalable and familiar to node.js devs wanting to step into a blockchain. 


OneLedger built

Copy of Frankenstein



Leverage your business with our blockchain technology


– A full solution for planning business, building and implementation.
– Grow your business and revenue with the addition of blockchain-optimized processes.
– Freedom to build any blockchain solution on any chain.


OneLedger is the next-generation technology.


– Experience the superb functionality of OneWallet Low-cost transaction fees(USD0.00000043) and 4,000 transactions per second
– Stake uncapped amounts to secure the network and get up to 25%APY with no lockup!
– Multiple new apps in development now providing a promising future for the project (OnePass Health Passport, multi chain DEX project, NFT marketplace etc.)


Dev centre For developers By developers


– scalable solutions are supporting a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem.
– SDK, OLVM tools will speed up the development.
– Creating your smart contract or NFTs cheaper and faster compatible with BSC, ERC, open sea by OLVM
– and soon to be adding POLKADOT, MATIC, HECO bridges
– Build any private or public or Defi apps


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