OneLedger’s mission is to simplify businesses’ adoption of blockchain technology and its integration into their specific business applications and products. We believe that the applications of the future will maintain individual data sovereignity and operate across interconnected blockchain networks enabling seamless independent user interactions.

Team Members

Team Members

David Cao


Kerry Husbands


Edwin Zhang


Bob Binns


Aly Kassam

Director of Product

Sahir Parmar

Community Director

Sasha (Xin) An

Product Designer

Elaine Wang

Product Research Associate

Alex Lan

Co-Founder & Lead R&D

Pavan Kappara

Software Architect

Harshad Patil

Senior Software Developer

Tanmay Bhattacharya

Senior Software Developer

Freddy Li

Software Developer

Kevin Singh

Software Developer

Oleksandr Kovalov

Full Stack Developer

Steven Yan

DevOps Engineer



Trevor Koverko

Polymath CEO

Matthew Niemerg

DLT & Security

Jor Law

Homier Law PC Founder

Mervyn Chng

GWEI Capital Partner

Craig Brown

Partner at Fasken

Daniel Fuke

Partner at Fasken

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