Supply Chain EDI

Supply Chain has for a long time used Electronic Data Interchange(EDI) as means to communicate purchase orders and invoices across multiple parties within a network. EDI has quite a few inefficiencies and relies on a standardized schema, which over the years has been altered and manipulated by several organizations and industries, creating complex web of data translations that must be interpreted by several systems. In the center of these transactions are Value Added Networks (VANs) that aid in the translation and distribution of EDI transactions.


Blockchain EDI Solution

OneLedger is building a Blockchain EDI Network, which will seamlessly integrate with current ERP systems and allow for manufactures, distributors and retailers to transfer Purchase Orders and Invoices in a cost and time efficient manner.



Data Sender/Receiver: The Data Receiver picks up the EDI transaction from an SFTP drop while the Data Sender on the on the other end drops the EDI file on the receiver's SFTP server.  We SFTP as interim solution to ensure companies do not require any further integration points.  Organizations that can support the standardized JSON structure can directly integrate with the OneLedger Blockchain node.


Data Transformer: Translates the EDI format to easily consumable JSON structure, which persists all the EDI content.  The JSON also provides an additional component for any custom variables, giving organizations a method to customize their information, while keeping the EDI specification intact.

Interested in our Blockchain EDI Solution, reach out to us and request a meeting.