CoinEx/ViaBTC Makes Strategic Investment in OneLedger to Create a Decentralized Ecosystem

Posted by OneLedger on Jul 19, 2018 3:43:00 PM

Since our world premiere at CoinEx, OneLedger has continued to explore in-depth strategic cooperation with CoinEx/ViaBTC to build a lower-level ecosystem in the future, creating a one-stop shop for digital asset circulation and upper-layer applications.

ViaBTC (Viabtc Technology Limited) was founded in May 2016 as an innovation-intensive startup dedicated to cryptocurrency. They’ve developed the world’s top Bitcoin mining pool with the most advanced deployment technology. They’ve also released mining pools for competing coins and cloud mining products.

While digital currency trading is rapidly developing, it faces a huge bottleneck. Security and the trust of transaction is often challenged. All of this makes digital asset circulation limited to trading and it cannot break into traditional financial and application space.


OneLedger’s combination of underlying cross-chain technology and upper-layer enterprise applications will address the enormous limitations of infrastructure and provide high-performance decentralized storage and computing power. With side-chain parallel solutions, OneLedger implements an innovative architecture.

In the future, under OneLedger’s solution, exchanges can build an efficient decentralized transaction model and makes seamless integration of enterprise and business users in application, providing one-stop transaction coverage and commercial application support to form a complete ecosystem.

OneLedger CEO David Cao mentioned that “the integration of our technology with CoinEx will break the technical bottleneck faced by the current blockchain. In the future, developers can make full use of the technical convenience, expanded trading and application development possibilities brought by Blockchain through CoinEX’s technology platform and OneLedger’s cross-chain protocol.”

The CEO of CoinEx&ViaBTC, Haipo Yang, also comments that “With the strategic partnership between OneLedger and CoinEx, I could see the bright future of the integration of trading platform and enterprise applications. I’m fully confident in the OneLedger team and our long-term strategic investment in them!”