Development Update

Posted by Sahir Parmar on Nov 17, 2019 3:23:10 PM

Development Update


In this sprint, we focused on Send to Domain for Ethereum, and Account Details for multi-currency and Multiple Tx Types in the OneWallet, as well as functionality in the Lynx Engine and the core Protocol.

The list of changes includes:

1. Protocol 0.12.2 Release

- Lynx:

  • ETH: Connect Solidity Contract 

  • Service for Online/Offline Locking

  • BTC: Tx Finality and Mint OLT

- Protocol Core:

  • Ensure Validator uses HD Wallet Keys

  • CLI: List Command show balance of listed accounts

  • Key Management for ETH and BTC

  • Dynamically configure persistent peer for Sentry

  • Dump Chain State for Genesis File

  • Change Initialization Function to handle initial token holders

- DevOps:

  • Google KMS encrypt validator keys

2. OneWallet 2.0:

  • Send to Ethereum Domain

  • Account Details Screen

  • SDK: Manage Multiple Tx Types

  • SDK: Send to Domain OLT

Please note: OneWallet v2.0.0 is still a work in progress and will not be released until the HD Wallet functionality is completed.


In the next sprint, we will continue working on extending the Wallet 2.0 components and working to be code complete for Kainos.