Development Update

Posted by Sahir Parmar on Nov 30, 2019 9:06:18 AM

Development Update


In this sprint, we focused on being feature compete on Protocol and Lynx for Kainos.
The list of changes includes:

1. Protocol 0.12.4 Release

- Lynx:

  • Create Transaction Type for OLT Lock Tx

  • Code Cleanup for Bitcoin Lock and Redeem

  • Mint ETH on the OneLedger network

  • ETH Finality with Multi-Sig

- Protocol Core

  • RPC and Protocol to provide Domain Lookup By Beneficiary Address

  • Remote Procedure Calls for Lock and Redeem

  • Bitcoin check finality and Retry

  • Restart node with previous version

- DevOps

  • Mainnet Nodes Configured

2. OneWallet 2.0

  • Create Environment Config for Kainos and Chronos
  • Update Explorer SDK with Send to Domain Transactions
  • Wallet UI Add Domain Transactions to Account History
  • Activate HD Wallet for Multi-Device using 24 word pass-phrase

Please note: OneWallet v2.0.0 is still a work in progress and will not be released until the HD Wallet functionality is completed.


In the next sprint, we will continue working on OneWallet 2.0's Internal Account Transfer functionality (Interoperability Step 1, ETH and BTC transfers to OLT), and adding Test Cases for the Protocol and Lynx, in preparation for the Security Audit.