Development Update

Posted by Sahir Parmar on Apr 4, 2020 12:52:06 PM

Development Update


In this sprint, we concentrated on completing all the Protocol Security Audit Bugs and being Feature Complete for the OneWallet 2.0.
The list of changes include:

OneWallet 2.0

  • Ledger Connect Screens
  • Ledger Signing and Send Transactions
  • Remove old Ledger Connect Coming Soon Page
  • Remove Username to HD Wallet functionality
  • Make OneWallet a singleton, ensuring only 1 instance of OneWallet is running at a time
  • Filter My Domains by Domain Owner, not Beneficiary
  • Add load status to Transfer Button
  • Add support for Lock and Redeem Tx
  • Add the ".ol " extension to Domain Search
  • Ensure Fee value is empty and calculated after password is entered for Sell Domain and Change Beneficiary Account
  • Transfer Screen should include ETH fees
  • Account Details remove Scrollbar
  • Fix Empty Ethereum Account from throwing error
  • Save Passphrase through Copy or PDF Download
- Integration bugs
  • Password check on every character
  • Only use positive prices for selling domains
  • Remove spelling error underlines from Account Names
  • On Wallet Creation fix Passphrase Screen to force passphrase copy or download
  • Create new wallet to enforce ToS agreement


  • Blockchain Watcher Script Auto-Restart
  • Add Total Transaction Fee to Account History
  • Account History Integration for Kainos and OneWallet 2.0
  • Account History for Domains


  • Add Current Block Height to Domain Search
  • Add Query Tracker Status
  • Correct Ledger Display to show Tx Details
  • Update Ledger Signing to include Tx Value without 18 trailing zeros
  • Transaction Status for Ethereum Tx
  • Started SDK Load Testing

Protocol and Kainos Network Config

- Core Protocol
  • Domain Expiry Management through Genesis File
  • Domain Query Changes 
  • RPC Query Caching
  • App Hash Conflict Fix
  • Fail Ethereum Tracker if Blockhash fails
  • Collect ETH fees for Validators on Redeem Tx
  • Started Kainos Load Testing

- Security Audit

  • Fix Validator Block Spamming
  • Fix PK not Found Service Error
  • Use Lock and Unlock for using the PK through olclient
- DevOps
  • Update Chronos Environment with Latest Protocol Code Base
  • Update Chronos Environment with Latest Explorer Code Base

In the next sprint, we will continue working on OneWallet 2.0 Beta Testing, Kainos Production Testing, Monitoring and Validator Setup, Explorer Monitoring and Disk Backups, as well as start Chain ID implementation for future Kainos upgrades.