Development Update

Posted by Sahir Parmar on Jul 28, 2019 4:18:47 PM

Development Update

In this sprint, we focused on Lynx and OneExplorer.
The list of changes include:

Protocol v0.10.10


         - OneWallet:

    • Completed Domain Naming Service Integration with SDK
    • Ported Electron App to Chrome Extension
    • Completed SDK Support for Wallet
    • Completed Faucet Functionality in RPC Layer

    - Protocol:

    • Rewrote Tx Structure to use JSON Serialization for JavaScript
    • Completed Multi-Sig Utility (awaiting integration)
    - Lynx:
    • Locking Tx for ETH
    • Completed Implementation breakdown for BTC
    • Started Redeem functionality for BTC

    - OneExplorer:

    • Setup Auto Deployment

In the next sprint, we will work on the following:
1. Lynx Engine

2. Setup Devnet for BTC and ETH for Lynx Testing

3. Complete OneWallet Functionality

4. Create a new Explorer SDK

5. Integrate Multi-Sig into the rest of the Protocol