Development Update

Posted by Sahir Parmar on Sep 6, 2019 2:30:19 PM

Dev Update

In this sprint, we focused on the OneWallet, Fees and Lynx Engine.

The list of changes includes:


1. Protocol v0.11.2 


- Protocol:

  • Completed Dynamic Fee Structure

- Lynx:

  • DevOps:

    Elastic Search for Logging

2. Wallet v1.0.1

- Explorer SDK

  • Account History: Send and Receive Tx

  • Mapping to Transaction Types to Account History Label

- Wallet SDK

  • Error Code Mapping

  • Define Domains to .olt Extension only

- Wallet UI

  • Various Error messages on Pop-Ups

  • Link Account History to Chronos Explorer

  • Define Domains to .olt Extension only

  • Export Vault Verification Pop-Up

  • Login-Logout Flow Changes

  • Change Active, Inactive, and Sale Domains screens and flows

  • Change Search Domain Flow

  • Display Transaction Types to Account History Label

  • Various Bug Fixes

- DevOps

  • Load Balance FullNodes on Devnet for SDK usage

  • Deploy Faucet in Chronos for OneWallet

In the next sprint, we will continue our work on the Responsive UI for Explorer for Mobile Web, Complete Fees Integration, HD Wallet support in SDK and Protocol, Wallet Bug Fixes.