Development Update

Posted by Sahir Parmar on Oct 4, 2019 11:46:39 AM

Development Update

In this sprint, we focused on the HD Wallet and Fees.

The list of changes includes:


1. Protocol v0.11.4 


- Protocol:

  • Fees completed in Tx Layer

  • HD Wallet functionality for Node Owner completed

2. OneWallet v1.1.0 

- HD Vault

  • Completed the generation and management of Ethereum and Bitcoin Addresses

- Ethereum SDK:  

  • Completed Web3JS Wrapper for making calls to Ethereum 

- Wallet UI

  • Completed POC for Ethereum Sending Functionality

- Bugs

  • Insufficient Funds Error Message

  • Domain cannot be update when Block Height hasn't changed

  • Send OLT: Sending to yourself

Please note: OneWallet v1.1.0 is still a work in progress and will not be released until the HD Wallet functionality is completed.


In the next sprint, we will continue working on the HD Wallet, Incorporating fees into Bitcoin Transactions and Validator Staking.