Meet the OneLedger Team - Sahir Parmar

Posted by OneLedger on Aug 20, 2018 12:18:00 PM

Beginning this week, we will start introducing our team members who are working on fulfilling the vision of OneLedger. This will involve interesting conversations we have had with each one of them as well as a few glimpses about their life and what OneLedger means to them.

Let’s get the ball rolling by welcoming our latest addition to the team, Sahir Parmar. Sahir will be in-charge of managing the communities in North America and increasing our online presence on social media. He is very talented and extremely passionate about the blockchain industry.

Sahir Parmar: Community Manager - North America

Sahir will be working full-time as a Community Manager.

His journey in Canada began as an immigrant in 2009 when he set his eyes on pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Throughout his time at school, he has experimented with new technology as well as pursued his ambitions of running his own tech start-up. In 2017, he found blockchain, and he agrees his life has completely changed since then. When asked, why did he leave his profession to start a career in a completely different industry, his response was “When your 5 to 9 starts becoming more exciting than your 9 to 5, its time to take the leap of faith and start following your passion. Blockchain industry is still in its early stages and I want to be a part of steering it towards mass adoption.”


Sahir has been an active member of many Telegram communities in the past, and his enormous experience in public relations is something which will create a good balance between the team and the community. Regarding his role, he stated “I want to help the OneLedger community grow. The driving force behind every successful blockchain project is the community supporting it. I am pursuing this position with an open-mind and would like to work WITH the community to bring a change in the blockchain world and make OneLedger a front-runner in their area of expertise. The reason I joined OneLedger was because they are solving a real-world problem, and I strongly believe that the industry they are targeting will have a massive use of blockchain in the coming years.”

He is very fond of travelling, and wants to explore each and every corner of the world. In his free time, other than checking the crypto charts, he likes to play soccer, watch sunsets, and listen to music.

We are very pleased to welcome Sahir as a Community Manager and are confident that his passion for blockchain will help him succeed in this role.