Meet the OneLedger Team - Steven Yan

Posted by OneLedger on Feb 27, 2019 12:24:00 PM

As we move into crunch time for the project, we are looking to bring in more developers on board.

The latest one to join the team is Steven Yan. He will be working as a DevOps Engineer at OneLedger.

Steven has prior experience working as a Full-Stack Developer and a DevOps Engineer in an IoT sensing startup. He is very passionate about working for startups. He believes that he has learned and gained invaluable knowledge at his previous startup and is now ready for the next phase of his work-life.

I thrive in a chaotic environment, and that's the time when I am able to unleash my full potential. I think the ability to adapt to a change is a very important attribute to have for engineers and developers in order to succeed in the fast-paced ever-changing technology sector.


The reason I joined OneLedger is that I want to challenge myself. I want to help this company succeed in whatever capacity I am able to contribute. I have been a crypto fan for quite some time, and I strongly believe that blockchain as a technology, will have major implications at a global level in the future — Steven Yan.


Steven will be working on the OneLedger infrastructure. He will play a key role in bridging the gap between development, operations, network and security. His main tasks at OneLedger are to make:

  • the deployments at the protocol (full node) and application (explorer, wallet) layer automated, i.e One-click deployment
  • the infrastructure at the application layer such as the explorer scalable for internet traffic
  • the security enhanced: DDoS mitigation, Organizational access control & credential management, audit trail etc.


Today, it is very critical to exchange information securely between different parties where everything is connected through the internet. Through OneLedger, digital assets will be able to transfer through multiple layers in a safe and secure way. I believe OneLedger will be a game-changer for enterprises looking to integrate blockchain within their ecosystem as it provides flexibility with using the blockchain of their choice — Steven Yan.

The OneLedger team is proud to welcome Steven Yan and is confident that his skills and relevant experience will help speed up the technical developments.