Meet the OneLedger Team -  Pavan Kappara

Posted by OneLedger on Mar 22, 2019 12:24:00 PM

A new team member on the Development side has boarded the OneLedger Team.

Pavan Kappara will be working as the Architect and Dev Manager.

Pavan has over ten years of experience working in different software development roles. He has been a part of a gaming startup and helped them architect and build a cross-casino gaming platform. He has also helped big retail companies in India launch into e-commerce space with novel omni-channel solutions. Some of his employers over the last ten years include Disney Interactive Studios, SecureKey Technologies Inc., Lithium Technologies and Arvind Internet. Pavan is a self-driven individual who enjoys solving challenging technical problems and has some interesting thoughts to share about the blockchain industry.

We can relate blockchain to the World Wide Web during the early ’90s. The blockchain is fundamental in the growth of the next phase of technology evolution. This upcoming technology is going to be a game-changer and disrupt many industries. The critical part here is to understand how blockchain can trigger mass adoption, and it feels good to realize that my vision aligns with OneLedger’s vision: enterprise adoption will bring in mass adoption. I’m very excited to be a part of an energetic team aiming to create history — Pavan Kappara.

Pavan will provide architectural leadership for the OneLedger product(s) as well as oversee the operations on the Dev side to ensure that the correct measures are being taken to reach our end goal. OneLedger has a big promise to deliver on and it is critical to ensure that the development is headed in the right direction. Our team realizes the importance of matching the expectations with reality and ensuring a smooth and reliable execution.

According to Pavan, “Blockchain isn’t a solution to everything, but it can serve as a catalyst for that next stage of evolvement. In the future, I can clearly envision many Blockchain protocols evolving and solving the problem of decentralized technology coexisting with the centralized world. And as far as interoperability goes, this can open a whole new world of possibilities, which was not even envisioned before. Interoperability, which is one of the key features of OneLedger, can be used in many enterprise applications. For example, using OneLedger to connect enterprises to track the flow of assets between them.”

Pavan’s favourite quote is “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth — Mike Tyson”. It is these punches that our team has to be vigilant about and keep moving towards our target no matter how many ups and downs we have.

The OneLedger team is very excited to have Pavan on board and take us closer to our vision.