Meet the OneLedger Team  - Harshad Patil

Posted by OneLedger on Mar 27, 2019 12:25:00 PM

OneLedger is growing at a fast pace. In about a year, our Dev team has almost increased three times in size. It is critical for our team to maintain momentum during the ups and downs of the blockchain market.

To speed up our protocol development, we have added another Protocol Developer, Harshad Patil, to our team. Harshad recently moved to Toronto, Canada, in search of opportunities in the tech space. Harshad is originally from Mumbai, India, where he has acquired tons of experience as a software developer. He finished his Master’s of Technology back in 2012 from one of the most prestigious universities in India, IIT Bombay. Since then, he has worked in the software sector for reputed companies such as Olacabs, Goibibo and Pocket52. Harshad has over 8 years of experience in development environments such as Golang, RubyOnRails, Python and NodeJS. He is extremely committed towards his profession and is keen to make a mark in the blockchain world.

Harshad has been involved in the blockchain space for a couple of years now and has made contributions towards some open source Golang projects. “I have studied the blockchain space for some time now as a hobby, but I believe now is the time to transform that hobby into a full-time job and fully focus on it,” said Harshad. Harshad’s experience in Golang is beneficial to OneLedger as the OneLedger protocol is based on the same language.

Harshad’s main focus at OneLedger will be to work on the protocol and enhance the functioning of our platform. He will also collaborate on the development of some critical components to establish high-level security and improve the network. His top priority right now is to ensure the stability of the Testnet, and later focus on the functionalities associated with the mainnet.

We are proud to welcome Harshad Patil to our team. Are you?