Meet the OneLedger Team - David Cao

Posted by OneLedger on Sep 13, 2018 12:19:00 PM

It is time to introduce you to the person who has taken up the challenge of turning a dream into reality; transforming a vision into a full-scale product and changing the way the businesses will operate in the future. This person is none other than Mr. David Cao, the Founder of OneLedger. David has fully committed himself to embark on a journey of turning paper ideas into complex algorithms that will change the landscape of future business operations.


David has an extensive background in the technology industry. He has worked as a technical advisor and enterprise architect for multiple blockchain projects such as DRC, ITSChain, Ti Value, and Hyperledger Community Research Projects. He also worked at IBM Toronto Lab on the development of DB2 and WebSphere Commerce core engine. As a specialist in the supply chain, payments network, e-commerce, and as an experienced J2EE enterprise architect, David has helped large enterprises grow exponentially, including Home Depot, Sears, and Toshiba. He has given Blockchain speeches at York University (Toronto, Canada) on Hyperledger permission blockchain, and the Integration of AI onto the OneLedger Blockchain platform. He has also served as a judge for Blockchain focused Hackathons. David is an active member in both the Hyperledger and the blockchain community.

David was recently asked a series of questions during the roadshow in Seoul, Korea, and his responses have been recorded as follows.

1. What does OneLedger mean to you?

OneLedger is like my baby. I can visualize a brilliant future for it. I hope to see it become the industry standard for cross-ledger and bring the enterprises into real blockchain usage.

2. Where do you see OneLedger going within the next 2 years?

Two years from now, OneLedger would have had its Testnet and Mainnet completed. By then, the ecosystem built on top of OneLedger would get into good shape, and the API and SDK would make it convenient to use for the developers and the community. It would reduce the distance between blockchain and the real world. I strongly believe that the people would see the big market value and the power of cross-chain at that time.

3. What kind of impact can OneLedger have for big enterprises as well as small businesses?

OneLedger would use a decentralized protocol to change the method of implementation of the apps on the internet. It would bring a machine trusted era across the internet. The businesses would benefit from the coordination of the community, as well as using a much safer and private form of internet.

4. How do you plan to scale OneLedger and make it a common name for enterprises?

We will turn OneLedger into a tech leader in the blockchain arena. We will eventually scale OneLedger into the service and education area to increase adoption amongst our community, and make it a common name for all businesses.

5. There is a lot of competition out there, how do you plan to stay ahead of the game?

The mature cross-chain technology, plus the convenient enterprise blockchain solutions would maintain OneLedger as a front-runner in the blockchain space.

6. What do you like to do in your spare time?

I like new tech and doing research on things which have the capability of completely changing our lives. When I am not busy, I like to play sports such as tennis, badminton and water sports. I am also a ski-instructor and love to help skiers enjoy the speed of the mountains.