Meet the OneLedger Team - Edwin Zhang

Posted by OneLedger on Oct 29, 2018 12:21:00 PM

This week, we would like to introduce you to the person who is playing an integral part in rocketing the OneLedger project, Edwin Zhang, who is the Co-founder and Managing Director at OneLedger. He said, “When I joined OneLedger, the company was in the very early stages of development. Building the organization from scratch is indeed like raising a baby. I want OneLedger to grow healthily and I hope people within the organization can work happily towards the same goal — let enterprises have the most powerful tools to access the decentralized ecosystems. Helping OneLedger succeed is my way to participate in the Blockchain revolution. Nothing can be more exciting than that.”

Edwin is a veteran in the blockchain start-up and crypto investment space. A former Software Engineering Lead spearheading blockchain-related R&D for TribalScale, an innovation firm specializing in emerging technologies. He successfully managed an increasingly growing technology team to build iOS, tvOS apps, Alexa Skills and Google Home agents from the ground up. He has a vast technical background as both a blockchain developer (with Solidity and Ethereum smart contract development experience) and a software developer. He brings to the table extensive experience in leadership, product management, and client relations management. He was an early cryptocurrency investor and has a wide global reach within the cryptocurrency community.

Edwin has a tremendous amount of confidence in the team at OneLedger. He added, “Compared to some other Blockchain projects, we have a smaller team and we are not expanding crazily. Our philosophy is to keep a lean and elite team. We do not compromise on our standard of hiring for the sake of scale. We believe a lean and elite team can move much faster and build much better products. We have the best blockchain engineers, blockchain product managers and community managers you can find in this industry. I am very excited to see the team growing healthily every day.”

“Our strongest asset here at OneLedger is the craftsmanship of Engineering. Our engineers care deeply about the code quality, and are implementing the best engineering practices with an eye on modern technology”, said Edwin. He added, “At present, our engineers are working hard on the tech side, while our business team is in discussions with banks, insurance companies, and logistics companies about potential applications of blockchain technology as its closer to the Testnet release date. Post Testnet release, we will be building customized blockchain solutions for enterprises.”

From his personal experience of dealing with enterprises, Edwin believes that in a couple of years OneLedger will have a large enterprise blockchain developer community using the OneLedger SDK to build powerful business modules for enterprises. He looks forward to taking OneLedger from Zero to One.

In his spare time, Edwin usually hits the gym. He likes listening to music, reading and watching movies. He has a passion for art. Check out his portfolio here.