Meet the OneLedger Team - Tonya Montague

Posted by Sahir Parmar on Jul 16, 2019 2:59:49 PM

OneLedger is becoming the company to look out for and you can see it through the growth of our team. The ups and downs of the market do not define the progress of our company. OneLedger is continuously growing and every day we are just getting better and better. Let us introduce you to a new team member who will help escalate our marketing initiatives.


Tonya MontagueMeet Tonya Montague, who is now the Marketing Manager at OneLedger.
Before starting with OneLedger, Tonya spent over 5 years building her career through traditional and digital marketing, helping businesses to build productive relationships, customer loyalty and increase their paying customers. She’s worked closely with a broad range of clients and coordinated with many teams, and international cargo organizations.

One of her favourite quotes is “What you focus on is what you get”, and that comes as no surprise that she is a very results oriented professional. 

Tonya’s role at OneLedger will involve promoting the brand and our products. Her main focus would be to bridge the gap between the blockchain community, the non-crypto community and the business clients. She said, “The traditional marketing model tends to talk at people and what we’re hoping to do at OneLedger is to create content that speaks with our target audience because this will be key in bringing blockchain technology from the background to the forefront with OneLedger leading the way.”

The OneLedger team is proud to bring Tonya Montague on-board. We're excited to be working with such a talented individual and look forward to growing OneLedger together.