Newsletter 2 - Development, Marketing and Partnership updates

Posted by OneLedger on Aug 31, 2018 4:11:00 PM

Hello OneLedger Community,

In our second edition of the biweekly newsletter, we would like to bring our community to speed with what we have been up to these days in terms of technological development, marketing and partnerships.
We also have a special Twitter contest, which will start in 3 days, and you could catch all the latest updates on our Twitter page:


V0.5.2 release: integrity fault tolerance for a rollback of atomic swaps; long-run computation fault tolerance improvement based on event verification mechanism; reuse mechanism of Ethereum atomic swap contract
Under development: full-node dockerization enhancement; Bitcoin/Ethereum and OLT swap
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Below are the latest advancements in marketing and community:

1. The OneLedger team attended the Block Festa 2018 conference in Seoul, Korea.
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2. The OneLedger team attended the Boost Blockchain Job Fair in Toronto, Canada.
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3. Two full-time Community Managers have started working for OneLedger.

(i) Sahir Parmar will be operating as the Community Manager for North America
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(ii) Henry Lan will be operating as the Community Manager for China
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4. An interview was conducted with Bob Binns, the Chief Strategy Officer at OneLedger. 
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1. OneLedger x EdenChain

OneLedger and EdenChain joined forces to build a secure, decentralized, high-throughput and a scalable blockchain underlying technology platform to support future businesses with secure interoperability and low-cost landing.

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2. OneLedger x Fintelics

OneLegder has formed a strategic partnership with the Toronto based fintech company, Fintelics. Fintelics will be leveraging the OneLedger platform to build blockchain related projects on it. OneLedger’s cross-chain capability will help Fintelics strengthen their blockchain technology solutions by allowing their blockchain systems the ability to create smart contracts that can communicate with other blockchains, store all cryptocurrencies in one digital wallet and allow them to make and process transactions with other blockchain systems.

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