Newsletter 3 - Biweekly updates 📣📣

Posted by OneLedger on Sep 14, 2018 4:13:00 PM

Hello OneLedger Community,

Through this newsletter, we would like to provide you with an update regarding what’s been happening at OneLedger. Also, you have an opportunity to ask our team any questions you may have, through the OneLedger AMA organized on Reddit. The AMA thread has been uploaded (click here), and you can now post questions in advance. Mark your calendars!!


v0.5.3 release: We continue to improve and develop version 0.5.3, focusing on the OLT hash-lock mechanism. On this basis, the next step will be to improve the underlying mechanism of OneLedger, including time-locking, multi-signature transactions, etc., which altogether will achieve atomic swap between Bitcoin/Ethereum and OLT.
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The OneLedger team have wrapped up the roadshows in China and Korea and are back in Toronto. The team had a very good gathering and were thrilled to meet so many like-minded individuals. This meeting was jointly organized by OneLedger, EdenChain and Dispatch Labs. Below are the latest advancements in marketing and community:

1. The Community Management Team added 4 Community Admins to provide 24x7 service within our Telegram channels.

2. We have created the OneLedger Turkish community channel on Telegram. Feel free to join the group (click here to join)

3. The OneLedger team along with Fintelics and Huobi Canada were present at the Blockchain Tech Salon hosted by the Chain Club on September 1, 2018. This event was attended by blockchain enthusiasts from Toronto. Our team was more than happy to educate individuals about OneLedger’s technology and vision.

Alex Lan, Co-Founder & Blockchain R&D at OneLedger

4. We recently ran a contest on Twitter where the participants were asked questions relating to OneLedger over a duration of 1 week. The 7 quizzes were attended by a wide variety of participants from all over the world.

5. Paul W. Homer, the Chief Technical Officer at OneLedger recently wrote an interesting article about his views on finding the right balance within our society.
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6. An article was recently published about David Cao, the Founder at OneLedger. 
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