Newsletter — Development, Marketing and Partnership Updates

Posted by OneLedger on Aug 17, 2018 3:50:00 PM

Hello OneLedger Community,

We would like to provide you an update regarding all the action that has been taking place behind the scenes. Post ICO, we have been aggressively working on developing our platform, enriching our marketing efforts and working on building successful long-term partnerships.


1. Enhanced Atomic Switching

Enhanced caching and persistent data storage for atomic and interactive transactions. Ensure that faults within the entire node are resilient and always maintain transaction integrity.

2. Drive chain event error handling

Added event-based error handling for transactions that control other chains or internal operations. Rollback asynchronous processing is allowed even after a full node failure.

3. Improve the protocol architecture

Completed the design specifications for all the features of the full white paper. Development priorities have been adjusted to ensure that the functionality of the Q4 test network is correctly used as the basis for further development.

4. Smart Contract Language Prototype

Develop a mechanism and functional prototype of a JavaScript-based smart contract language that spans the external chain. Make sure the operation is closed and deterministic.

OneLedger has been actively recruiting and working on adding new talent to the team. We are aware of the lack of responses on the Telegram channel and we are making several amendments to our Community Management structure to increase interaction and improve the communication. 



The OneLedger team will cooperate with Edenchain and Dispatch Labs to carry out roadshows in the first-tier cities in China in August. This event will focus on the popular cross-chain blockchains and involve future cooperation in finance, insurance, supply chain and other fields. Major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen.
The specific event details are as follows:
August 24, 2018: South Korea
August 26, 2018: Shenzhen Meetup
August 28, 2018: Hangzhou Roadshow
August 30, 2018: Shanghai Meetup
September 1, 2018: Beijing Roadshow

1. OneLedger x QuarkChain

Recently, the blockchain cross-chain project, OneLedger, and QuarkChain announced a deep strategic cooperation. OneLedger , the first cross-chain partner signed by QuarkChain, will provide an efficient underlying cross-chain transport protocol for QuarkChain and its smart links on the public chain.

QuarkChain’s blockchain technology with stateful fragmentation aims to build a secure, decentralized, high-throughput, scalable blockchain underlying technology solution that enables tens of thousands of chain-wide transaction processing capabilities per second.

At present, OneLedger and Quarkchain have joined forces to reach a strategic cooperation agreement. In the future, we will launch a series of activities in the construction of the blockchain community, including building a community of developers, sharing resources for online development, and future technology-based contests.

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