New Website, Team Letter, Staking announcement and much more...

Posted by Sahir Parmar on Jul 7, 2019 9:13:45 PM

Hello Ledgerians,

Through this newsletter, we would like to provide you with an update regarding the following departments: Development, and Marketing and Community.



1. In this sprint, we focused on our OneVaultSDK and the Protocol Transaction Layer for making a functional Domain Naming Service.

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A new team member has joined the OneLedger family. Meet Oleksandr Kovalov, the Fullstack Developer at OneLedger.
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We had promised you that July would be an exciting month for our community. Since the beginning of July, we have shared a couple of news items with you regarding whats in store for this month. This is just the beginning, trust us!


1. The fireworks were started with a letter from the OneLedger Team. This is sure to catch your attention.
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2. There is nothing better than giving the face of the company a fresh look and feel. Yes, we proceeded with this, and launched our new website. It was very well received by the community. Be sure to check it out.
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Bye Medium


From now onwards, everything related to OneLedger will be posted on our website. Therefore, we have decided to migrate our Blog from Medium to our own website.

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Staking details-1


The staking details will be revealed this month. After spending countless hours refining and fine-tuning all the details, we have decided to release our Tokenomics paper.