Mainnet Rollout Plan, OneWallet Beta Testing and much more...

Posted by Sahir Parmar on Aug 5, 2019 9:28:33 AM

Hello Ledgerians,

Hope you are having a great day! July was filled with a lot of exciting news. Let's give you a quick recap of what we covered in the last two weeks in terms of Development and Marketing and Community.


1. In this sprint, we focused on the Lynx Engine and OneExplorer.

More details: click here


2. We have revealed our Mainnet Rollout Plan.

To read the blog, click here.



3. The Beta version of OneWallet will launch on August 31, 2019. We are looking for Beta Testers to test different features of our wallet. 

To register, click here. Limited spots available.



Marketing and Community

1. OneLedger is an official sponsor of the Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto. Our Business Development ExecutiveSina Ghashghaei, will be speaking at the conference.


Futurist speaker_Sina

2. Check out this great article written by a blockchain fan to learn more about OneLedger (OLT). A must-read!

Blog: click here


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