OneLedger and Dispatch form a strategic partnership 🤝

Posted by OneLedger on Oct 25, 2018 12:20:00 PM

OneLedger is proud to announce a new strategic cooperation with Dispatch. Through this partnership, both companies will aim to take advantage of our respective resources and work towards a common business development goal. The two companies look forward to collaborating and improving the blockchain environment for the enterprises.

“Dispatch has a bunch of very talented individuals on the team. We have been in close terms with them ever since our interaction at the BlockFesta 2018 event in Korea in August,” said David Cao, the Founder of OneLedger. “The Dispatch team is very experienced and has an incredible amount of technical knowledge, which will help drive the two projects forward. OneLedger and Dispatch look forward to organizing several events in the coming months to increase awareness and promote blockchain adoption amongst enterprises.”


OneLedger, Dispatch and EdenChain team during the roadshows in China (August 2018)


“Our partnership helps Enterprise customers use our Dispatch distributed ledger technology to improve security, automation and regulatory compliance along with managing large amounts of data.” Said Zane Witherspoon, CTO “Adding cross-chain interoperability to the Dispatch protocol and the Dispatch Artifact Network can make it a lot easier to use the benefits of distributed data.”

About OneLedger

OneLedger is a new generation of cross-chain protocol that provides an efficient cross-chain engine. It helps individuals and businesses achieve cross-chain transactions through side-chains. At the same time, OneLedger also provides SDK development tools for enterprise developers. It can be used to build business modules that serve multiple business purposes. All interactions with the public and private chains occur on the side-chain, which greatly increases the efficiency and security of the cross-chain interactions.
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About Dispatch

Dispatch is building the first truly enterprise-ready platform for distributed applications that are data-centric, scalable, and wedded to powerful analytics. With its unique consensus algorithm, Delegated Asynchronous Proof of Stake (DAPoS), Dispatch enables companies and developers to create tools to support growth, creativity, and rapid change across many different industries. The Dispatch platform is a best-of-both-worlds hybrid that includes both a distributed ledger and the innovative Dispatch Artifact Network, which enables storage of vital enterprise data off-ledger. Dispatch is operated by The Bureau, a San Francisco incubator dedicated to developing eco-friendly, socially beneficial blockchain startups. For more information, visit or join the Dispatch Telegram community.