OneLedger Hack-Week

Posted by Sahir Parmar on Jul 18, 2019 3:57:19 PM


Hey Ledgerians,

Recently, the OneLedger Development team conducted an internal Hack-Week. The goal of this was to test the developer-friendliness and the enterprise-readiness of the OneLedger protocol. Our team decided to implement a Domain Name Space functionality on top of the OneLedger protocol. This functionality will serve as an added feature in the OneWallet. Beta testers of OneWallet are sure to utilize this feature (its coming soon...).

Pick-a-Domain is OneLedger's Domain Naming Service where the community can buy and sell domains utilizing OLT as the currency. Each of these domains could be mapped to a public address. These domains will make it easier for the users to facilitate transactions by sending to actual usernames instead of remembering the long 0x03Hg4... hash addresses. Yes, our main intention is to build world-class technology, but at the same time, make it very easy for the users to adopt this technology. 


Building a cool feature was just one of the purposes of this Hack-Week. Something else which we wanted to accomplish was to:
1. T
est the robustness of our protocol. Since this application touches our protocol at a lot of different levels (from the Tx layer to the Database and from the SDK to the Vault) and adds a UI layer on top of it, this is a perfect application to validate our robustness.
2. Test the developer-friendliness of our platform. With this application, we are aiming to provide tutorials for the developers to be on-boarded on the OneLedger platform and develop their own distributed applications on top of our protocol.

3. Test the OneLedger platform as a source for building many feature-rich applications.




Watch the OneLedger Full Stack Developer, Oleksandr Kovalov talk about the OneLedger Hack-Week