OneLedger & Jura form a strategic partnership!!

Posted by OneLedger on Sep 27, 2018 4:17:00 PM

We are proud to announce that a strategic partnership has been formed between OneLedger and Jura. Through this partnership, OneLedger and Jura will be exploring how to effectively bridge public and private chains. At present, interoperability has been the missing link in solving the obstacles faced by private and public blockchains. Our mission, together, is to empower these two chains to seamlessly interact and exchange values in a cross-platform setting. This will drive the innovation rate for new solutions, designed to accomplish cross-chain exchanges and greater compatibility.


OneLedger is a new generation of cross-chain protocol that provides an efficient cross-chain engine. It helps individuals and businesses achieve cross-chain transactions through sidechains. At the same time, OneLedger also provides SDK development tools for enterprise developers. It can be used to build business modules that serve multiple business purposes. All interactions with the public and private chains occur on the sidechain, which greatly increases the efficiency and security of the cross-chain interactions.

Jura Protocol is a paradigm-shifting suite of four technologies that together form the foundation for a robust new blockchain ecosystem. The Jura protocol is feeless, ultrafast, and provides the decentralized security required for users to rest certain that their transactions are safe.

OneLedger looks forward to working with Jura to create a robust and ultra-fast ecosystem.