OneLedger Mainnet Rollout - Kainos & Kratos

Posted by Sahir Parmar on Jul 31, 2019 4:59:00 PM

Hey Ledgerians,
Hope you are having a great week!
Through this article, we would like to update you with some crucial future Development milestones.

Introducing 'Kainos'


Hailing from the Greek origins, Kainos means 'new' or 'fresh.'
Kainos, as the name implies, will mark a significant transition for OneLedger's technical development. It will redefine why our project had started initially, and provide businesses with the first step to bridge the centralized and the decentralized systems.


Kainos will contain new features on our platform. During this phase, the following implementations will take place:
⁃ OneWallet
- Extending OneVault for interoperability
- Extending SDK for interoperability
- Lynx Engine: Module that facilitates interoperability
- Transaction Fees Management
- Multi-Signature

- Blockchain State Snapshot
- OneExplorer Revamp
- Kainos Release

Once Kainos has launched, we will begin the token migration process from ERC20 to our native token. The OneLedger protocol is expected to have an elastic TPS, meaning each side-chain can host up to 4000 TPS (based on our Load Testing Results, click here), allowing the OneLedger Blockchain to scale with adoption.

We are enterprise-ready now, and this will help us push our product towards businesses. We can develop custom solutions to meet the needs of businesses via this approach and start minimizing the gap between the centralized and the decentralized world.
Kainos will be followed by another phase, as described below.

Introducing 'Kratos'


Kratos will take the OneLedger technical development to the next level. Kratos means 'strength' in Greek.

With the launch of Kratos, we will be establishing ourselves as a significant player in the blockchain world. Developers can build Dapps; the community can stake; interoperability will be a norm; these are just a few features we intend to implement.

Leading up to Kratos will include the following implementations:
- Token Migration
- Event Triggers
- Staking
- Governance

- Kratos Release

As always, we will keep publishing biweekly development updates as we continue our journey towards building a truly interoperable blockchain.