OneLedger v0.6.2 Release

Posted by OneLedger on Nov 7, 2018 12:04:00 PM


We’ve released the v0.6.2 version of our OneLedger protocol. In this new version, we’ve refactored the persistence, reorganized the clients and strengthened the error handling. Not released, but still in progress are fees, enhancing our signing and transaction support.

The list of changes includes:

  • Split out the clients based on function
  • Fixed the inconsistencies in naming
  • Fixes to serialization
  • Refactored localstate persistence
  • Cleaned up some of the logging issues
  • Strengthened the error handling

For the next scheduled release, we’re going to continue to work on full fee handling, refactoring the transaction signing, integrating scripting and integrating the transaction changes to support all types on all chains. As well, we are now working on making the validators fully dynamic, so that chains can be formed and enhanced on-the-fly.

If you would like to understand more about atomic swap, you can read this article: click here

If there are any questions, issues or suggestions, please report them to the Dev Telegram group (click here) or add an issue directly to the Oneledger/protocol GitHub repository (click here)