OneLedger v0.7.1 Release

Posted by OneLedger on Dec 7, 2018 12:05:00 PM


We’ve released the v0.7.1 version of our OneLedger protocol. In anticipation of the testnet, this version was focused around adding and enhancing the core functionality to ensure that main features are available and working correctly. It also sets the stage for the next sprint, where the last of the integration work will be completed, and the smaller features will be refined.

The list of changes includes:

  • Enhanced to SDK to work for all clients
  • Added in validator tokens
  • Cleaned up the payment mechanics and corrected deadlock
  • Separated accounts and identities
  • Enhanced the bitcoin and ethereum handling
  • Moved sequence numbers to accounts
  • Added in transaction tagging
  • Added in full config file handling
  • Cleanup up the “cli” interfaces
  • Integrated Tendermint process into “olfullnode”

For the next scheduled release, we’re enhancing validation and security, adding the final full smart contract support, finishing up the SDK for Javascript and direct access from browsers. The internal formats for the transactions will get cleaned up and the “cli” amounts are floats with full unit support in the protocol. Basically, clean up and ensure that all of the little details are handled properly.

If you would like to understand more about the atomic swap, you can read this article: click here

If there are any questions, issues or suggestions, please report them to the Dev Telegram group (click here) or add an issue directly to the OneLedger/protocol GitHub repository (click here)