OneLedger v0.8.3 Release

Posted by Sahir Parmar on Feb 8, 2019 12:08:00 PM


The v0.8.3 version of Chronos has been released. After much anticipation, the OneExplorer BETA version is now available, click here to test it. The explorer has the capability to view Accounts, Blocks and Transactions on a full web view. We are currently working towards a mobile view and will also be looking to add a Contract view and also expose Swaps in the future.


The OneExplorer was a joint venture with one of our partners BlockX Labs, who helped expedite our delivery by designing and building the UI for the Explorer.

We are also continuing to work on our Smart Contracts and Chain Driver.

The list of changes includes:

  • Explorer: Launch In Production
  • Production environment deployment and testing
  • Explorer: Various UI tweaks
  • Completed Account Transactions
  • Completed Block Transactions
  • Explorer: Created API definition for Explorer KPIs
  • Smart Contract: Counter Smart Contract sample deployment and execution testing
  • Smart Contract: Context switch from Object to Interface

In the next sprint, the team will work to optimize OneExplorer as well as add more functionality to Smart Contracts. We are also working on the Chain Driver functionality and still abstracting the components needed for connecting to different blockchains. The team is also working towards making our deployment more efficient and working on a one-click deployment for a full node.

OneExplorer Known Bugs

  1. Spinner Icon image doesn’t show when explorer is loading a lot of data
  2. KPIs show boxes, when home page loads slowly
  3. Drop down on the Search bar sticks and you must select an option for it to disappear
  4. OneExplorer isn’t optimized for mobile devices

*The OneExplorer is currently in the BETA phase and is being optimized with various features. We would love to involve our community in this process. If you find any bugs or have ideas/feedback for the explorer, feel free to fill this FORM.