OneLedger v0.9.0 Update

Posted by Sahir Parmar on Mar 10, 2019 1:09:00 PM


In our last sprint, we enhanced the OneExplorer further by adding a relational database to house Accounts, Blocks and Transactions, to make our data requests faster and not burden the blockchain node with these requests. In addition, we are continuing our work on the Chain Driver Engine and we have also started building components for our OneWallet and are still working on our OneClick Deployer.

The list of changes includes:



  • Explorer Database Setup and Configuration
  • Stream Data now leverages new DB
  • Blockchain Data is persisting in OneExplorer DB

OneExplorer Bug Fixes

  1. Explorer Block Height KPI was behind by 1 block



  • Upgraded Tendermint version to 0.30.1
  • Chain Driver Engine: Create Contracts on Bitcoin and Ethereum networks
  • OneClick Deployer: Build Process Automation



  • Created Micro Service framework
  • Developed Micro Service for Balance Query

In the next sprint, we will concentrate more on Protocol features that will help optimize our P2P Connection and clean up some tech-debt incurred since Chronos Launched. We will also continue to work on the Chain Driver Engine.

NOTE: After the release for 0.9.0, we will be resetting the Chronos network and purging the current data. This is so that we can run more tests on Chronos and ensure it’s stability.

New Release Management Structure

OneLedger has a new release process. We will continue to update our Master Branch on GitHub on a bi-weekly basis. However, on a Quarterly basis, we will mark a build as a Release Candidate and work with our partners to ensure they update their nodes to the Protocol version for the most recent Release Candidate. This means Chronos will be updated on a quarterly basis.

We are doing this to streamline our release process and structure it for our partners and community. We are starting this process with version 0.9.0. For example, after v0.9.0, our next Chronos update will take place on v0.10.0, while we keep pushing the biweekly updates i.e. v0.9.1, v0.9.2 and so on.