July, 1 2019 in GENERAL, ALL
A Letter from the OneLedger Team


March, 4 2019 in GENERAL, ALL
OneLedger statement regarding Crypto Briefing’s Code Review

Hello Community, We would like to thank Andre and the Crypto Briefing team for...

February, 7 2019 in GENERAL, ALL
OneLedger’s first Developer Meet-Up

Are you a developer? Are you a blockchain enthusiast? Or are you someone just...

December, 31 2018 in GENERAL, ALL
From ICO to Testnet — Our 6-month journey!

Hello Community,

November, 26 2018 in GENERAL, ALL
Google Cloud for Startups Program accepts OneLedger

OneLedger has achieved yet another boost to its technical developments. Google...

November, 8 2018 in GENERAL, ALL
Telegram AMA with David Cao!!

A Telegram AMA was conducted on November 5, 2018, with David Cao, the Founder & CEO...

November, 4 2018 in GENERAL, ALL
A letter from the OneLedger Team

Hello OneLedger Community, Through this article, we would like to address some...

October, 17 2018 in GENERAL, ALL
Recent Questions Regarding OneLedger Tokens (OLT)

Hello Community, We would like to address some questions we have recently...

October, 7 2018 in GENERAL, ALL
Benefits of Blockchain

In this article, Paul W. Homer, the CTO at OneLedger, shares his views on how the...

September, 28 2018 in GENERAL, ALL

Hello OneLedger Community, To help OneLedger get listed on BitMart, kindly follow...

September, 26 2018 in GENERAL, ALL
Recap of the Reddit AMA!!

Last week, a couple of members from the OneLedger core team conducted a live...

August, 28 2018 in GENERAL, ALL
Twitter contest by OneLedger!!

Hello OneLedger Community, Do you know about our company? Have you read our...