August, 28 2018 in GENERAL, ALL
Twitter contest by OneLedger!!

Hello OneLedger Community, Do you know about our company? Have you read our...

July, 30 2018 in GENERAL, ALL
Driving Chains

One of the more interesting aspects of the OneLedger MVP is how we are using the...

July, 10 2018 in GENERAL, ALL
Cross-chain Compatibility

We’ve just released our initial OneLedger MVP version. It has basic blockchain...

June, 30 2018 in GENERAL, ALL
OneLedger MVP Announcement

We are pleased to announce the opening of our MVP source-code repository (...

June, 17 2018 in GENERAL, ALL
A Thank You Letter to Our Community


June, 15 2018 in GENERAL, ALL
OneLedger Public Sale Contribution Step-by-step Instructions

Contribution Step-by-Step Process We will give you a step-by-step guide on how to...

June, 13 2018 in GENERAL, ALL
How to release tokens from a vesting contract

This article will show you how to release tokens from a vesting smart contract. ...

June, 11 2018 in GENERAL, ALL
Get to Know OneLedger in 3 Minutes


June, 1 2018 in GENERAL, ALL
OneLedger Ambassador Program Instructions

What is OneLedger Ambassador Program? OneLedger would never be here without our...

May, 25 2018 in GENERAL, ALL
OneLedger: Start a International Conversation

Community is a huge part in getting a blockchain protocol up and running. Having great...

May, 19 2018 in GENERAL, ALL
KYC Retrospective

First off, the OneLedger team would like to thank their supporters for their...

May, 19 2018 in GENERAL, ALL
OneLedger KYC Instructions

Oneledger Step-by-step KYC instructions: