Customize a Blockchain for your Business Needs

Customize a Blockchain for your Business Needs

OneLedger builds customizations on top of their proprietary blockchain software with integrations into third party software systems and tools.

Blockchain as a Service

Blockchain as a Service

OneLedger customizes Blockchain Transactions, and provides SDKs and APIs for fluid connectivity into 3rd party systems.


Blockchain EDI

OneLedger has developed a Supply Chain EDI solution on their proprietary Blockchain. Blockchain EDI is intended to save customers transactional costs for sending and receiving EDI messages as well as create efficiencies in messaging, while automating workflows.


OneLedger's Real-Estate offering allows the tokenization of real-estate assets on the OneLedger Blockchain.

Cloud Agnostic

OneLedger's Private Consortium Blockchain is cloud agnostic. Customers can choose any cloud provider or bare-metal servers to host their blockchain. Customers can even choose a multi-cloud option.

Service Tiers

Olympus 500

  • 500 TPS
  • 4 Validator Nodes
  • 3 Full Nodes
  • Basic SDK
  • 10K Tx/Month
  • 30 days free support


Olympus 1000

  • 1000 TPS
  • 8 Validator Nodes
  • 4 Full Nodes
  • Enterprise SDK
  • 100K Tx/month
  • 1-month free Sandbox
  • 90 days free support

Olympus 3000

  • 3000 TPS
  • 16 Validator Nodes
  • 8 Full Nodes
  • Enterprise SDK
  • Unlimited Tx/month
  • 3-months free Sandbox
  • 90 days free support