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Chronos Testnet

Chronos Testnet

Chronos gives developers an early opportunity to get their hands dirty with OneLedger’s protocol tech. Build Dapps or extend our network by hosting a Full or Validator Node.



View the network and watch transactions live with our block explorer.


  • One wallet for all your digital transactions
  • Domain Management across OneLedger, Ethereum and Bitcoin
  • Transfer tokens across multiple chains with ease

Lynx Engine

  • The gateway into interoperability
  • Currently connects OneLedger to Ethereum and Bitcoin
  • Contains an interface to easily extend to multiple chains


Developer Resources


OneWallet (Coming Soon)

Lynx Engine (Coming Soon)

OneLedger Virtual Machine (Coming Soon)

SDK (Coming Soon)


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OneLedger at the Blockchain Futurist Conference

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Recap of the Toronto Blockchain Week

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OneLedger Developer Meet-Up Highlights

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Q3-Q4 2017


Theoretical Proof of Concept

Q1-Q2 2018

Implement initial framework of consensus

Start to build and optimize the cross-chain solution

Launch MVP with Atomic Swaps



Q3-Q4 2018

Complete initial transaction layer for Blockchain

Complete Phase 1 for OneLedger Virtual Machine (OLVM)

Make OneLedger node cloud platform agnostic

Complete Phase 1 for API Layer

Launch Chronos Testnet

Q1-Q2 2019

OneExplorer: Viewing Tx, Blocks and Accounts

Modularization of Protocol

Transactional Layer Extendibility

Load Testing Testnet

OneVault (OneWallet Component): Key Management and Tx Signing

SDK (OneWallet Component): OneLedger Blockchain Transactions

OneLedger Naming Service (OneWallet Component): Designates Accounts with User Friendly Names

Customizable Business Blockchain Solution

Containerization of our Protocol Image


Q3-Q4 2019


Extending OneVault for interoperability

Extending SDK for interoperability

Lynx Engine: Module that facilitates interoperability

Transaction Fees Management


Blockchain State Snapshot

Google Cloud Marketplace integration

OneExplorer Revamp

Q1-Q2 2020

Kainos Release

Token Migration

Event Triggers



More Dapps

Kratos Release