In this sprint we have concentrated on OneSwap whitepaper (OneSwap protocol
design), Finish POC for one wallet mobile and Add more UI error handling
enhancements into Onewallet.

OneWallet UI Enhancements

● Transfer Screen Error Validation
● Domain Management: Validation Errors
● Change Beneficiary: Validation Errors
● Sell Domains Validation Error
● Create a unique error code to handle ‘not enough balance’ case
● Work on POC for OneWalletMobile


● Top account list concept
● Validator list concept
● Delegator list concept


● Ethereum VM Spike
● Oneswap whitepaper

Fixed bugs on

● Rewards: Genesis interval index needs to be decremented by 1
● Genesis Dump: Need to dump witnesses as separate section in genesis file

In the next sprint we are going to continue our work on oneswap protocol (add evm,
add a tx for smart contract processing), explorer ui revamp (top validator and
delegators list).

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