In this sprint, we concentrated on completing all the Protocol Security Audit Bugs and being Feature Complete for the OneWallet 2.0.

The list of changes include:

Protocol and Kainos Network Config

– Core Protocol

  • Kainos ETH config Set up
  • Code Cleanup 
  • Ethereum Witness Set up
  • Remove Validator Command in CLI
  • Create Witness Store
  • Dump Trackers into Genesis file with new “0lt” Prefix
  • Create the ability to Add and Remove Validators while Network is running
  • Updated Tendermint to V0.33.3
  • Test Mandatory Restart conditions for Tendermint
  • Add Password Policy
  • Implemented initialization command to create Genesis File
  • Kainos Load Testing

– DevOps

  • Deployed Kainos
  • SPIKE: To test if Explorer can Listen for Validators 
  • Implemented Listener for Validator and Witness
  • Deployed Explorer UI for Kainos
  • Log Rotation 
  • Explorer DB Backups for Kainos and Chronos
  • Chronos Monitoring
  • Kainos Monitoring 

OneWallet 2.0

  • Add ERC20 Token Warning to Wallet
  • Ledger Connect Coming Soon Screen 
  • Add “0lt” Prefix
  • Add Password Policy
  • Changed icon set for Kainos and Chronos Wallet versions
  • Map Domain to Website URL
  • Account History UI Layout Change
  • Changed Layout of My Domains 

– Bugs

  • Fixed PDF Download
  • Fixed Send to Domain phishing attack


  • Create Chain ID for OneLedger Restarts
  • Added Chain ID to Account History
  • Altered RPC Commands to query Account History ordered by Chain ID
  • Updated Explorer to Support Tendermint v 0.33.3


  • Updated SDK to handle “0lt” prefix
  • SDK Load Testing

In the next sprint, we will continue working on Governance, Account History fixes for Domain Management, Infrastructure Operational Scripts and Staking.

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