In this sprint, we concentrated on completing all the Protocol Security Audit Bugs and being Feature Complete for the OneWallet 2.0.

The list of changes include:

Protocol and Kainos Network Config

– Core Protocol
  • Governance Framework for creating a proposal
  • Fix and retest ETH Redeem
  • Fix Domain Query for On Sale Domains by Beneficiary
– DevOps
  • Infrastructure Cleanup 
  • Create Docker Image for Kainos Full Node for GCP
  • Scripts for Restarting Nodes
OneWallet 2.0
  • Transfer Screen: Add Account Balances
  • Account History: Redeem now shows both Ethereum Internal and External Transactions
  • Completed Transaction was not using the new prefix of “0lt”
  • Account History should display the Value for Domain Create, Update, Sell and Buy Tx
– Bugs
  • OneWallet Loading Screen Freezing fix
  • Account History: Send OLT and Send ETH should be negative


  • Multi-node testing
  • Fix Account History issues for Domain and Redeem Values


  • Added ETH Total Balance checks
  • Add Chain ID to queries for Account History 
  • Integrate Monitoring Tool with Validator and Witness Node Listener
  • Capture Lists of Validators that vote on a block
– Bugs
  • Fix Account History Query for Domains Create, Update, Sell and Buy to show the Value
  • Fix Query for Redeem Transaction to show the correct Value
In the next sprint, for the Protocol we will continue working on Governance, Finish Testing Redeem ETH functionality. On the OneWallet and SDK side, we will complete the Subdomains, Expire and Renew Functionality and add Pagination to Account History. We are also starting to update the OneExplorer to catch up with the Kainos release. 
Our development team has recently transitioned to a six-week release cycle in order to test and include more functionalities for every release. And therefore, moving forward, the development update will be issued every six weeks along with the code release.

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