In this sprint we concentrated on Feature Complete for the OneWallet 2.0 , International Health
Passport and explorer UI, Design of protocol layer for oneswap,

Onewallet 2.4.6

● Update make screen to add delegation estimated yearly return value
● Add “Loading” spinner while switching owners accounts in My Domain screen
● Enable Ledger for Kratos wallet and refactor onboarding screens


● Change Account Tx clickthrough to include ChainID
● Add Delegation transaction types into the Explorer UI mappings
● Add Fee and Gas Price Columns


● Added data source, data handler and data persistence module for explorer revamp

● Refactored the database to support multiple one



● Remove Blockstore from rewards cumulative DB and test it
● Design of protocol layer for oneSwap


● Migrating Jenkins to Kubernetes Platform
International Health Passport(IHP)


Mobile APP

● Add Test History/Certificate screen to the app


In the next sprint we are working on creating a POC for one-wallet mobile, Finish data persistent
layer on explorer revamp and improve one-wallet UI validation.

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