In this sprint we have concentrated on enhancements of Onewallet UI, IHP mobile,
protocol bug fixes and POC for Onewallet Mobile version.


Onewallet 2.4.6 UI Enhancements

• Network not available error
• Send screen validation errors (UI validation)
• Active and Inactive Domains (UI validation)


• Data Persistence: use queue to pull metadata


• Switch SDK from request to axios


Fixing bugs on
• Rewards: Genesis interval index needs to be decremented by 1
• Genesis Dump: Need to dump witnesses as separate section in genesis file

International Health Passport(IHP)

Mobile APP
• Add a Back button to the Test Certificate screen

In the next sprint we are going to work on OneSwap whitepaper (OneSwap
protocol design), Finish POC for one wallet mobile version and Add more UI error
handling enhancements into Onewallet.

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