Enterprise Solutions

Blockchain offers greater:
Security. Efficiency. Transparency.

Enterprise Solutions for Business and Government

Think of your business’s biggest challenge or obstacle, and there’s probably a way blockchain can solve it. 

With growing consumer privacy concerns, intricate global supply chains, and an infinite pool of sensitive data to manage, a tech solution with the potential to address all of these concerns could be the most important innovation of the decade.

OneLedger can help your business to be better at  security, transparency and efficiency. 

  1. Share records securely. 
  2. Level up your supply chain management.
  3. Prevent fraud and streamline accounting.
Digital Health Evidence Solutions
Supply Chain & Logistics
Asset Tracking & Management
Grants & Contributions


In a time of fear and uncertainty, we bring clarity and a single source of truth with an integrated solution that helps cities reopen safely.

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Business supply chains run better on blockchains

Typical supply chain industry challenges from smaller wholesalers to global enterprise companies in product supply and distribution, every organization’s supply chain faces the same hazards and obstacles:

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Real estate: challenges in a rapidly changing world

As the technologies continue to evolve, OneLedger’s expertise in  implementing blockchain in commercial real estate creates opportunities to grow your business by overcoming the industry’s major challenges.

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Blockchain development for charities

Disrupting the charity industry with blockchain build trust with donors, recipients, and other stakeholders, reach the right people, and improve administration cost and efficacy. Show donors the difference their donation makes, acquire funds rapidly through crowdfunding and hand control to the people you help.

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Cloud Agnostic

OneLedger’s Private Consortium Blockchain is cloud agnostic.  Customers can choose any cloud provider or bare-metal servers to host their blockchain.  Customers can even choose a multi-cloud option.