What has long been in the making has finally arrived. Years of hard work, dedication and determination are finally showing it’s true colours. The Mainnet, Kratos, is now live.

The OneLedger team

Earlier today, the team gathered during the Kratos’ final deployment. Kratos marks a huge milestone in OneLedger’s development cycle. In 2018, a small group of visionaries aspired to create a truly interoperable decentralized protocol. The team has grown considerably two years later, and the protocol development has reached its full cycle with the Kratos launch. But wait, it doesn’t stop here for us. At OneLedger, we always strive to keep improving on what already exists. Though Kratos is a significant accomplishment, we believe that our journey has just begun.

The OneLedger team

OneLedger is continually evolving to deliver solutions to problems. The launch of the upgraded platform allows for more effective decentralization to buttress Tokenomics and DeFi applications with the updates to our Public Network. With our Validator Staking module, we can incentivize validators to join the network. Our validators will earn OLT in the form of Block Rewards at a minimum of 20% APR (more details can be found here). To further the decentralization initiative, we have also built a governance module so that the public network is now self-governing. We created a Governance Proposal App, using our new App framework, which connects securely to our OneWallet. Community members can now participate in Validation and Governance to maintain the network and collaborate to build a more robust platform. Next is the Delegation feature, which is scheduled to launch in Q4 2020, through which everyone in the community can participate by staking their OLT tokens on the network.

Meanwhile, it is time for us to transition the two years of development into actual implementation and use of the OneLedger protocol. The next step for our team is to keep improvising on the Kratos Mainnet and, at the same time, take our technology to the market to begin the cycle of OneLedger’s mass adoption.

The OneLedger team

Early signs of the adoption phase are already beginning to show effect by signing a partnership with the Institute For Border Logistics and Security (IBLS). The two firms will collaborate to launch the International Health Passport based on OneLedger’s blockchain technology to help re-open the Canada-US borders. More information can be found here.


“We are thrilled to reach this milestone. Kratos’ launch affirms our commitment to see decentralization disintermediation continue to build momentum; a comprehensive global blockchain-based decentralized finance ecosystem is the obvious next step in this progression.” – George Connolly, President at OneLedger.

We appreciate all the support we have received from the Ledgerians.
Though it may seem like a long journey already, these are still early days for us. The goal is to create a next-gen blockchain infrastructure to bridge the gap between private and public blockchains. We look forward to many more years of development and building innovative solutions together.



About OneLedger

OneLedger is a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) solutions company that uses its own blockchain technology to support its customer’s business needs. OneLedger’s mission is to simplify businesses’ adoption of blockchain technology and its integration into their specific business applications and products. The company focuses on blockchain technology in the Healthcare, Asset Management and Supply Chain sector.

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