Hello Ledgerians,

The clock is ticking. Things are moving in the right direction. After launching Kainos successfully in April, it is now time to proceed towards the next phase of our Mainnet update, Kratos. Kratos extends the OneWallet
capabilities to include the much-anticipated features of the OneLedger project, Staking and Governance.

We are aware that the Ledgerians are very excited to get their hands on Staking and Governance and join the OneLedger consensus. Keeping this in mind, we would like to involve our community throughout the development of the Kratos phase. We welcome the community to participate in testing features on the Chronos Testnet network and provide us with feedback, with an overall target of launching the full functionality of the Kratos Mainnet on or before August 31, 2020.

We will work according to the following plan:

Post this release, the Validators can start staking their tokens to receive Block Rewards. OneLedger has reserved 25% (i.e. 250,000,000) of the total supply for Block Rewards. Details about the entire mechanism can be found in the Tokenomics paper.

The Block Rewards will be distributed as follows:

The number of tokens distributed amongst the validators will depend on the number of Validators in the network and the total percentage of Tokens staked by each validator. For interested individuals, we will release the Validator Registration Form soon with further instructions. We will also release a Validator Rewards Calculator in the next update of OneWallet. Users will be able to calculate their earnings through this application.
Thank you for all your support. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on our Telegram channels.

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