Decentralized Finance, aka DeFi, is the buzzword that has been everywhere in the cryptocurrency markets since a few months. Many blockchain projects are pivoting towards the DeFi model to contribute to the fast-growing DeFi movement. OneLedger is contributing to the DeFi movement in its own unique ways. OneLedger provides businesses with infrastructure and tools to launch their own set of DeFi projects.

OneLedger is a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPos) blockchain built on the Tendermint consensus engine. Our protocol allows developers to fully customize the blockchain at the transaction layer to fit their business needs. With the launch of our Phase 2 Mainnet, Kratos, we have affirmed our commitment to creating a truly decentralized platform.


At present, there are many developments taking place on the Ethereum network. But there is a significant hurdle currently facing the DEX’s and applications built on top of Ethereum, i.e. the ETH transaction fee. Ethereum is now witnessing its highest transaction fees since the 2017 ICO boom. While Ethereum provides an excellent infrastructure for the developers to build on, we believe that the technology can comprehend well when used through the OneLedger protocol. OneLedger solves the high transaction fee problem by allowing the ETH transactions to take place for a fraction of the Ethereum network costs (less than $0.001 at current prices) while maintaining the high transaction speeds when ETH is migrated on to the OneLedger protocol. OneLedger can offer up to 4000 TPS on the mainchain, coupled with a TPS of 4000 for each side chain.

OneLedger’s interoperability at a protocol level allows transactions to occur in a truly decentralized environment with the transaction verifications taking place through the protocol validators.


OneLedger’s protocol and the Lynx engine provides developers with the flexibility to launch their own DeFi solutions by creating their own liquidity pools and interacting with the OLT and ETH tokens. As more digital currency pairs will be added, developers will be able to utilize all the supported assets’ capabilities fully.

Imagine a scenario where Tom wants to borrow assets. Once a project builds its own liquidity pool on top of the OneLedger infrastructure, Tom could use it to collateralize his ETH and borrow USDT or any other supported asset in return to operate within the wallet for goods and services by maintaining a fixed margin ratio. Currently, the OneWallet supports a few Dapps, with a goal to create a marketplace to allow users to freely use their cryptocurrencies across different applications in a decentralized fashion.


To create a sustainable and viable infrastructure, we have focused on launching a protocol that can provide low transaction fees to allow users from all regions to participate. There is a barrier to entry in the current scenario due to the high fee on the Ethereum network. Our goal is to create an infrastructure that is sustainable and usable for everyone. 


If you are a business looking to launch your next DeFi project, we would be happy to assist you. Start building your DeFi solutions on the OneLedger protocol today. For more information, please contact us.



About OneLedger

OneLedger is a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) solutions company that uses its own blockchain technology to support its customer’s business needs. OneLedger’s mission is to simplify businesses’ adoption of blockchain technology and its integration into their specific business applications and products. The company focuses on blockchain technology in the Healthcare, Asset Management and Supply Chain sector. To learn more, visit

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