Bohdan is a software engineer who loves to discover different technologies and their correct application.

He holds a Master’s in Power plant Engineering degree from one of Ukraine most best universities, National Aviation University and also holds a Specialist Degree in Finance and Credit.

For 4 years, Bohdan had extensive experience with various blockchain projects, such as ICOs, implementation of private blockchains like Hyperledger Sawtooth, Quorum and Tendermint, software development for NFT projects.

He has over six years of experience in software development collaboration.
In the past, Bohdan has worked in various fields such as gambling, recruiting, different SaaS solutions.
When Bogdan worked in gambling, based on the current processor for payments through bitcoin, he integrated the ethereum network for accepting payments over the ethereum.

After this, he realized that there was a future behind it, not as in the blockchain itself, but independently of financial and state institutions, which in their minds can prohibit something or rest against restrictions.
He began to understand that he liked it when something could be done independently of everything.
“Dependence on someone does not provide an opportunity to build self-realization by itself” – Said Bohdan.
This is the reason he decided to join OneLedger, to help to create something different and to improve an existing solutions inside Oneledger network.

Bohdan will perform backend development on the OneLedger protocol. He will focus on the latest blockchain technologies and contribute to the OneLedger suite of products.

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