George Connolly : Good afternoon everyone..

We have a few announcements to make to build on the progress we have been making.


Details on the new website

The new website illustrates the focus of the business.

OneLedger operates in three distinct business segments; we have a cryptocurrency ($OLT), we offer a platform for development of applications, and we have enterprise applications that we offer as SaaS. The ease of use and interoperability of our platform makes integration into specific business applications very effective and easy. We have built applications on blockchain technology in the Healthcare, Asset Management and Supply Chain sector. Website will be live by the end of next week.


Roadmap for Q2


Rebranded and redesigned Website launch.

Users will see a modern intuitive and interactive website with distinct portals for the Community, Developers and Enterprise minded visitors. Re-organized information and much easier access to media news and technology/system updates. Launch of Discord app for developers and easier access to our Github channel.


Announcement and Marketing of imminent DEX launch

Some the functionality on that DEX:

Designed to be able to support BitCoin. Ethereum(including ERC-20), Cosmos, polkadot and many more different blockchains.

One of the Highest Transaction rates of any platform/ using tendermint which is a POS-PBFT based consensus engine, transactions will be finalized very quickly, compared to transactions on ETH. Oneswap network can reach to 4K tx per second, user doesn’t need to wait for the pending tx to be confirmed at all.

MULTICHAIN AGGREGATION: Integrations and support for BSC tokens Multi chain DEX

Aggregator compatible with BSC, ATOM and DOT ( Highly Trending Blockchains)

Allow BSC/DOT/ATOM tokens to be traded with minimum slippage


Launch of Asset tokenization platform – simplified/faster/multi-token/multichain



Health Passport (DigPass) Update – from John Moore – Head of Strategy:

In the Enterprise Solution segment, we have focused considerable effort on selling our DigiPass solution. You no doubt have seen the press on the need for COVID health passports. Governments around the world are considering the need for this type of solution…and we believe our product is a highly competitive. We have aggressively positioned OneLedger in this rapidly evolving market. We have direct customer conversations with several countries including Canada and Caribbean territories.   We have also engaged alliance partners from major IT consulting companies (including Fujitsu, Wipro, PwC, EY and Accenture)…which will help quickly extend our reach.   Last we have had teaming discussions with companies that produce complementary software.


Staff Announcement.

New Product Manager

Questions and Answers


What is the team focused on currently and how is the IHP going?

IHP going well. The market for this type of solution is only now just emerging. Governments around the world have been mostly worried with getting vaccine supplies and shots in arms. They are only NOW starting to think about the need for evidence that is stronger than paper (which is easily forged). We are getting in the middle of this opportunity with multi-aspect sales and marketing efforts…


When will the team start marketing around Oneswap?

We want to build a strong foundation and Marketing will begin in earnest soon after.


How many Devs are currently working on the team?

We have 8 developers working on backend , frontend and devOps


I saw that Barbados hired another project to build health passport, what’s the team doing about this, I thought we had the agreement to provide Barbados with health passport?

Barbados is teamed with an airline. The pilot does not link the vaccine/test registry to the patients mobile device…so it easily forged and will not be sufficient. The ultimate solution will require end-to-end process immutability …we can do this and are pitching the government on the need.


When can we start seeing solid marketing from the team, we are in bull run and we need to take advantage of it?

Our new business model has three tenets – represented by three key departments. All of equal weight and consequence.

Marketing – (Community/investors relations)

Sales – (Partnership focused/Product alignment/SLA’/Commercial/Legal)

Development – (Product maintenance/development/improvement)

Our marketing department will be the largest area when complete, as it includes a mix of internal and external partners in different spaces.

As I said earlier we are about to hire a 8 year Tier 1, crypto veteran in as our lead Community Marketing manager, with a track record of success in building Community numbers through excellent engagement in more than 7 languages, building world class token brands, from Europe to Dubai.

At the same time we have a quality team of brand engineers and have in place long term contractual arrangements with our external marketing partners.

We are also building out a cohort of small but highly influential investors and influencers through key global partnerships that will add more scale, bring more opportunities and inject capital into the project when desired.

The greatest teacher in the world is experience and we have seen the results of not having a formidable marketing plank in our toolbox. That my friend will never happen again.


About the IHP downloads what is the team doing about it to increase the adoption ?

We originally made estimates of expected downloads which were based on where we though the COVID test/vaccine market was going. Having had the time to get deeply involved in this market – which is literally changing by the day – we now have a much clearer perspective on the situation and who will actually buy our product.The first target customer for the IHP solution is national governments. Downloads will depend on having governments force the need for the passport on citizens. In most cases governments will hold the vaccine/test registries (ie the data), so they will pay for our product. There is a secondary market emerging around companies that want to pay for tests/vaccine themselves to prove their employees are vaccinated. This includes companies in the tourism industry. We are actively pursuing both.


When will the team sta having ama in other big communities to increase awareness about OLT?

This his already started and will continue as we add new Marketing leader.


When will the team start working on the mobile app for OneWallet, we should have mobile wallet by now?

We are working on it. This is on our short list.


There is no official announcement of juncapital partnership and their marketing yet? Why?

Having some success with launches, our goal is to have the very best partner to deliver this project – something that we are still exploring.


When can we expect the Oneswap to launch, we need a timeline for it?

We are going to launch when we have all fundamentals in place. This is our primary project and it needs to happen as soon as possible.


Are there more exchange listings coming?

We are prohibited from commenting on any exchange negotiations.

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