OneLedger Technology Inc. held an AMA for its community members on Friday, January 29th, 2021. OneLedger was represented by President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) George Connolly and software developer Hao Sun.
Community members submitted several questions ranging from what efforts were under way to ramp up marketing, what new projects and partnerships were being worked on and what was OneLedger doing to break into the DeFi market, which is a hot area for business growth. Some members were complimentary and supportive. The One Wallet came in for praise with one member approving the design as well as the speed of transactions. Another member was excited about OneLedger moving into Enterprise projects such as real estate.
Question : What efforts were under way to ramp up marketing?
George Connolly : We are still refining our marketing team. We are now hiring to compliment what we currently have. A Marketing Strategy Manager with Crypto and Online experience; a Marketing Specialist for SEO, these two will work in tandem with Hallam who is leading Marketing Content. Lana will move to a new role. This should be completed before end of February.
The specialised marketing team is being set up shortly to focus on key markets in Canada, the United States, Europe and Africa. We aim to swamp these markets with our world-class products.  This should be completed before the end of February. This marketing team will push out lots more content. There will be special attention to Search Engine optimisation and global marketing in general. Now that we have world-class products such as the International Health Passport we have a lot more to talk about.
Question : What happened to the 10 blockchains that were supposed to be supported on the mainnet by end of 2020?
Hao : The current framework of OneLedger can support more than 10 chains with interoperability and it is open source and we welcome more chains to join us. And for Nano ledgers, we have done the implementation, will release it soon.
George Connolly : Out of the more than 1200 Crypto projects in the market, OneLedger is one of four major projects offering interoperability. 
Question : I saw a tweet on Twitter about OneLedger’s Dex. Is it true ? When it will be live and how many blockchains will be supported ? Also what kind of Dex it will be ? Only spot or there will be another products.
George Connolly : We are now planning the architecture and testing – with so many variables in the equation it is hard to say when. We will announce Roadmap when it is clear. Hopefully this year. Maybe.
Question : Man these AMAs need to be longer than one hour. Can the next AMA be done through audio? I bet we would be the first to do that on Telegram.
George Connolly : Text would be better.
Question : I think the Defi aspect is a must now along with a mobile wallet with all possible crypto features. What is the big announcement?
George Connolly : An announcement will be made at the end of the AMA.
Question : Is OneLedger generating revenue at the moment? If yes, how much?
George Connolly : Yes, from the business level. We need the board to approve to disclose it.
Question : You said the website was getting an update to be more sales focused and this was the reason you have taken the team profiles off the site. But there is still no update. Why?
George Connolly : The marketing team was working on other projects and the website. They are moving slower on that in order of priority.
George Connolly : I want to thank all of you for attending today.

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