Hello Ledgerians,

On Tuesday December 15th we held an AMA with QuarkChain on their Telegram group. Our Director of Product, Aly Kassam fielded questions on what OneLedger has been working on the last few months and our plans around the launch of Delegation on December 31st.

Here is a quick summary of the AMA:


Aly Kassam | OneLedger

Hello QuarkChain Community, I’m the Director of Product at OneLedger. I’ve been

all over Enterprise Software Products for most of my career, and for the last 2 year

I’ve had the opportunity to head up Product Management for OneLedger. In that

time I’m proud to say we’ve launched an Interoperable Blockchain, a Chrome

Extension Wallet, been listed on Google Cloud Marketplace and have industry

solutions for Real-Estate, Asset Management, Supply Chain and more recently

Healthcare with our International Health Passport.


Yoyo Cao (QKC Admin)

Thank you for joining us today!


Aly Kassam | OneLedger

Thank you for having me!


Yoyo Cao (QKC Admin)

Cool, so for today’s AMA, we will have an AMA for 45 mins, and then we will have 15 mins for free Q&A.

Ok, let’s start now!

The first question: Last time we had an AMA at OneLedger’s group. So what’s been

keeping you busy since last we chatted?


Aly Kassam | OneLedger

We’ve been quite busy … we have been working across industry, Healthcare,

Government, Real-Estate and the list goes on. OneLedger has been super sales

focused in the last quarter and will be going into Q1 and Q2 of 2021.

I can’t tell you how many different RFP responses we have completed and the

amazing conversations we’ve had with Central Banks, Government Digitization

Projects, Consulting Partners and local Healthcare providers.

The prospects for OneLedger and our technology are quite amazing.


Yoyo Cao (QKC Admin)

Nice to learn!

Move to the next question: What are some of the things that you are seeing in the

digital currency, blockchain space that are exciting you?


Aly Kassam | OneLedger

We are seeing several opportunities with Central Banking systems looking to make a

shift into digital currency to support their fiat.

We’ve had in depth conversations with Central Banks in the Caribbean that are

looking to move into digital currency not only at the central bank level, but a holistic

solution that includes commercial banks, foreign settlement, payment providers and

retail and consumer applications.

There is some education that these authorities need to undergo. Essentially, when

they think crypto/blockchain they immediately associate it with Silk Road type

marketplaces. We are educating them on the benefits of a Blockchain system that

would provide better audit and anti-fraud then the physical legal tender they use


They were quite impressed with our interoperability features that would help with the

future of fx trade.


Yoyo Cao (QKC Admin)

Great to learn. The third question is, what do you think are the greatest challenges

and roadblocks for OneLedger and the sector as a whole and what are you putting in

place to deal with it/them?


Aly Kassam | OneLedger

Compliance. I think OneLedger will spend a lot of time in 2021, in compliance

certification, be it HIPAA, PCI, GDPR … Although we have completed security audits

for our Blockchain, governments will be looking to ensure we meet their security

compliance requirements when it comes to Healthcare and Financial information



And since those are the areas we are finding the most opportunities in, we will

definitely be spending most of our time there.


Yoyo Cao (QKC Admin)

Cool. The next question, as we come to the end of 2020, do you think that this year

has opened more people’s minds to blockchain and digital currencies etc. Or are

people more guarded now than before?


Aly Kassam | OneLedger

I definitely think automation in every sector is being invested in. Central Bank Digital

Currencies (CBDC) will be the next big topic alongside an International Health

Identity and with both respects governments will be turning to Blockchains to solve

these issues and OneLedger has made great strides ensuring that we didn’t only

look at 2020 as a single year to innovate and release a product, we looked 3-5 years

ahead into where Blockchain will contribute the most globally and landed in what we

believe will dominate the next 3 to 5 years for Blockchain Innovation and that is the

International Health Passport and CBDCs.



Yoyo Cao (QKC Admin)

Your International Health Passport… How does that work and how do you see it

making a difference?


Aly Kassam | OneLedger

The pandemic has accelerated technology adoption in various industries. We see

that with the increase in sales for delivery services like Uber Eats and eCommerce

platforms like Shopify. Similarly, the global economy is now attempting to

understand what a global Health Identity will look like to enable travel domestic and

international operational, while ensuring their local economies are not devastated

with such a shut down in the future.

The International Health Passport has 2 different applications working over a private

instance of the OneLedger Blockchain Platform. OneLedger is the first to market

with an Blockchain Driven solution that has a mobile app in the App and Play Store.

The first application is a mobile app, which is an individual’s Health Identity Card.

This identity card provides fast and secure access to an individual’s identity on the


Here are the links for Apple and Android to download the International Health



iOS: https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/international-health-passport/id1538065552

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.OneLedger.ihp


The Second application is an Admin Console, where Healthcare professionals can

enter test data for individuals and where Border Agents, or security at a venue will be

able to scan your QR Code and Validate you.

From a Blockchain application perspective OneLedger is in a unique position, as we

not only have a blockchain to solve the problem for the Health Passport, we also

have interoperability to interconnect different Blockchain systems if a particular

country or region wishes to adopt their own standards.


Yoyo Cao (QKC Admin)

Nice to learn! You are set to launch Delegation on Dec 31st. What’s that going to

look like and why now?


Aly Kassam | OneLedger

Yes our Delegation is all set, we started testing with our Validators last week, by

updating the Blockchain component. We will continue our Testing until the Launch


We are really happy with taking the approach we took with our Delegation. We are

not requiring investors to Delegate to a Validator node. Investors will be delegating

their tokens to the OneLedger Network rather than to a Validator, and the investors

will earn the stake of rewards based on their share of the total stake.

A portion of all Delegator Staking Rewards will be distributed to Validators, this will

ensure that Validators are not inflating their stake by only using delegations and

incentivize Validators to take a more personal stake to earn more rewards.

The Delegation App will be running within our OneWallet, which is available on

Chrome Store on Jan 11th 2021.


Chrome Store Link:




Yoyo Cao (QKC Admin)

Congratulations on your Delegation! The next question, how does launching

Delegation fit in with the focus of OneLedger and your strategic roadmap?


Aly Kassam | OneLedger

Delegation has always been on OneLedger’s Roadmap, it completes our vision from

our Whitepaper. It also sets us up to be able to easily adopt new initiatives around


DeFi. Delegation is set up as an Investor Pool, for which we already have the

capability to invest OLT and receive a return.

Our future capabilities for this product will be to use this Investment Pool mechanism

to invest in other currencies, like ETH, which is already available on the OneLedger


The pool will be backed by a Financial Lending Product, which allows users to invest

in the pool, and use their investment to lend funds to other individuals. The

borrowers will secure their loans by over collateralizing a different digital currency.

The interest paid on the loan will then be distributed to the investors.

Our Delegation Module is quite strategic in the setup for these upcoming features.


Yoyo Cao (QKC Admin)

Great! The next question is, what good things and bad things are your community

saying about you right now – and how are you addressing the bad ones?


Aly Kassam | OneLedger

I think the largest issue our community focuses on is our lack of Marketing.

Autherine, had experienced it first hand, when she held QuarkChain’s AMA on our

channel. She got several questions about insights on how we should improve.

At the time we were restructuring our marketing team. We have since hired a CMO

Lana Alleyne, who has been ramping up over the last month. We have been

speaking with several different marketing agencies to re-engage them, to create a

larger reach in different markets.

As we move out of being a very technically focused team into more Sales and

Marketing focused organizations, we will be launching more marketing activities to

attract new investors.

As far as the good goes. It’s tech. We have had several users always compliment us

on the network speed, we hit over 4K TPS during load tests. And we are super

confident when it comes to our tech.


Yoyo Cao (QKC Admin)

Thanks for your answer. I’m impressed with your improvement!

The next question is, there’s so much happening in the digital currency space still.

How does OneLedger plan to keep attracting users with so much competition?


Aly Kassam | OneLedger

Again, our Tech is amazing, and it’s not just because I work at OneLedger.

We have been testing our applications with Charities focused on Crypto Donations,

as well as a Real-Estate Investment Management company, and the users testing

the network, who are quite crypto-savvy, were astonished by the speed of our


For us this feedback on our network has always been great. Where we need to pay

more attention is on the marketing side, because User Acquisition is all about

Marketing and once we acquire the users we are very confident our products will

retain them.

The other item that helps with user adoption is cool new apps. We have set up our

OneWallet to be able to work with cool new apps and encourage developers to reach

out to us with new App ideas. And build apps on our network.


Yoyo Cao (QKC Admin)

Cool! Great team! Now it’s the last question, what markets do you have your eyes

set on – what are the goals for 2021?


Aly Kassam | OneLedger

Outside of North America, we are heavily focused on emerging markets. We now

have a strong commercial footing in the Caribbean market with our President,

George Connolly. Similarly we have expanded with Sales in various regions in Africa

and China.


Yoyo Cao (QKC Admin)

Thanks for the answer!

Now let’s move to a free Q&A session!

Please ask Aly any questions if you have.


Aly Kassam | OneLedger

Sounds good.


Abraham Setrakian

What does QKC have to do with One Ledger? How is one used with the other?

Great to see OneLedger improve on tech and marketing since the last time they held

an AMA here on the channel 🙂

Good work guys 👍


Aly Kassam | OneLedger

We have been in talks for some time for collaborations, and although we have been

focusing on our individual tech solutions. In the coming year we will look to our

partners like QuarkChain to extend our interop offering.

Currently we support ETH and could easily extend to QKC



One question I do have. Expected launch for Delegation?


Aly Kassam | OneLedger

Blockchain Launch is Dec 31st. The UI launches in our OneWallet on Jan 11th




That’s very soon! Nice!


Aly Kassam | OneLedger

Yea it’s right around the corner.


Yoyo Cao (QKC Admin)

Thanks for @akassam’s participation today! We look forward to the Delegation

launch very soon!

That’s all for our today’s AMA! Thanks everyone!


Aly Kassam | OneLedger

Thank you @yoyocao for hosting me. If you guys have more questions you’re

welcome to join our TG: https://t.me/OneLedger

Or hit us up on Twitter: https://twitter.com/OneLedgerTech

Thanks everyone!

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