For some, their foray into the Blockchain world began as an experiment. For others, it came as a means to explore the trading tendencies of cryptocurrencies. But for us at OneLedger, it started with an intriguing journey into extending decentralized solutions to the centralized world. We believe that the blockchain technology is not just about trading and speculation, but it is a real solution that can be useful in many industries.

For us, it all started back in the year 2018.

During those days, Blockchain was highly considered as a risky investment, which was based on hype and speculation. Some said it was just a bubble that would soon burst, and many started a countdown to when the end came for this novel tech. But on the contrary, the Blockchain industry continued to develop, albeit not in price as this came crashing and spiralling into a full bear market. Many, including businesses, entrepreneurs and developers, saw Blockchain as being synonymous with Bitcoin and did not fully realize the tech itself and the different solutions Blockchain offers. 

As a team, we continued with our developments and kept building our platform through the bear market because we had one goal in mind. To build a truly interoperable blockchain where different chains can communicate together and do not have to act like independent islands. We wanted to bring all these chains together under one chain to leverage each other’s unique solutions to create a collaborative and efficient platform that formed the basis for our name, OneLedger. Today, we are proud to say that we have achieved so much, and we pride ourselves on being one of the few projects to the market with a truly interoperable blockchain platform.

We’ve come a long way since 2018, and here are some of our highlights so far:


Google Cloud Partnership (GCP)

On Aug 28, 2019, OneLedger announced a partnership with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to provide fast enterprise blockchain solutions. This means that OneLedger blockchain solution is now available to several enterprises on Google Cloud Platform, and these enterprises can start utilizing OneLedger tools to build full-scale blockchain networks. GCP provides cloud computing services that facilitate an on-demand environment for developing, testing, delivering, and managing software applications. GCP has a broad range of enterprises from different industries currently using its platform. By utilizing OneLedger’s full suite of developer tools, businesses and developers will receive access to the OneLedger protocol and run the node within seconds. By launching the full node, clients get access to the OneLedger blockchain network to develop and deploy their Javascript contracts. Being on the Google Cloud Platform serves two important functions. Firstly, it exposes OneLedger to a wide user base that Google already has. Secondly, it helps developers get started smoothly. This means developers can start building exciting Dapps on the OneLedger protocol through the Google Cloud Platform.


Partnership with Adastra

On Dec 12, 2019, OneLedger achieved another milestone by partnering with Adastra, a global leader in Data Management and Analytics. Adastra Corporation transforms businesses into digital leaders. Since 2000, Adastra has been helping global organizations accelerate innovation, improve operational excellence, and create unforgettable customer experiences, all with the power of their data. By providing cutting-edge Data, Digital & Design, Governance, AI & Analytics and Technology services and solutions, Adastra helps enterprises leverage data that they can control and trust, connecting them to their customers – and their customers to the world. This collaboration will leverage Adastra’s award-winning expertise in data, AI, mobile app and business app development, and stunning UI/UX design, providing a wraparound Digital and Design ecosystem while supporting OneLedger’s expansion into North America. Both the teams already connect from time-to-time to leverage each other’s resources and explore potential opportunities. “The Adastra partnership will take OneLedger to the next level with our Enterprise Blockchain Solutions,” said Aly Kassam, Director of Product, at OneLedger. Adastra’s extensive expertise in AI, IoT systems and mobile development is exactly what OneLedger needs to push the industry forward into real-world solutions for blockchain technology.


4k TPS

Scalability is another issue that the blockchain landscape is still grappling with, and we can boldly say that we have been able to achieve quite a lot in that regard. We are addressing scalability with the OneLedger architecture by offloading a lot of transactions onto sidechains and acting as a gateway to distribute the transactions across multiple specialty chains. As well, we have multi-level consensus, which allows us to reduce the constraints and resources when there are increased levels of trust. At the moment, up to 4000 TPS has been achieved on our mainchain. With our sidechain in place, we can have a TPS of 4000 for each and every side chain. Therefore, we can add side chains to balance our load, so our TPS would have no boundaries. Transactions on the OneLedger network are almost instant, and this feature can be tested with our OneWallet, which moves funds at the speed of light.
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Kainos (Mainnet) Launch

On Apr 30, 2020, another huge milestone became a reality with the OneLedger mainnet launch, Kainos. After two years of hard work, dedication, long hours and determination, the team finally launched a truly interoperable blockchain in this industry. With the mainnet launch, enterprises are now able to start integrating the OneLedger blockchain solutions, and the Developers can start building Dapps on the OneLedger network.


A key component of our interoperability solution is our OneWallet, which lets people connect with all the blockchains supported on our network. We started working on this idea back in 2018, and on May 11, 2020, the OneLedger team officially released the OneWallet on the Kainos Mainnet for the public. OneWallet is one of many products we are releasing to the blockchain community, which will help us bring in crypto mass adoption. With the OneWallet, you can manage accounts of all the blockchains supported by the OneLedger network; you can use OneLedger’s interoperability to transfer cryptocurrencies from one network to another; you can use the Domain Naming Service (DNS) feature to buy, sell and manage all your domains on the OneLedger network. Domain name on our wallet lets you use a simple name like bob.ol to send and receive funds instead of the long characters.


This is our journey so far and a few highlights of our achievements in the last two years of our existence.


Blockfyre Report

The OneLedger project was recently reviewed by a popular cryptocurrency analyst firm, Blockfyre, who mentioned OneLedger as a project with high potential. Check out the full report.



We are now closing in on launching the second phase of our Mainnet, Kratos, on August 31, 2020. This update would involve the launch of Validator Staking and open doors for complete decentralization via the Governance features. We are very excited to launch this and begin a new phase of the OneLedger journey.


We want to take this opportunity to thank all our stakeholders, community, partners and the entire crypto community who believed and pushed us more than we did. You are the cornerstone of our success. As we have stepped into our third year, we look forward to your continued support for all our future endeavours. Together, we will continue to push for Blockchain mass adoption by providing different solutions for everyday use.

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