Blockchain offers greater:
Security. Efficiency. Transparency.

In a time of fear and uncertainty, we bring clarity and a single source of truth with an integrated solution that helps cities reopen safely.

COVID has exposed many issues about the ability of our societies, governments and businesses to cope with a pandemic.

One critical issue that has emerged is the inability of health systems to produce the medical evidence demanded to control COVID – and future pandemics.


What are the Impacts?

  • Evidence of test/vaccination is paper-based…which is unreliable and easy to forge
  • It is very difficult to generate a trusted “health passport” at a national level
  • It is  very difficult to track and trace vaccine efficacy/side effects

Our OnePass Solution

  • Our digital evidence solution – (OnePass) is available for immediate download and use on iOS and Android Play Stores (Under the brand international health passport)
  • Built on a blockchain platform
  • Health evidence cannot be tampered with between clinician and patient -it is immutable
  • OnePass does not require amalgamation of databases. OnePass respects the jurisdictional mandates for health data management that exist in a country. Data continues to “reside” in existing databases, hence there is no need to change long standing national health policies
  • Meets Health data security and privacy standards -Information can only be accessed by entities authorized by the patient
  • Highly configurable – capable of solutioning cross-border travelvaccine epidemiology, entry into schools, commercial locations, sporting events.